Writing for Memory Lane

Memory Lane is always seeking well-researched articles to appear in the magazine. Please e-mail the editor, Ray Pallett to discuss your contribution at:  

For topical articles, the deadlines are:

        Spring Edition, published 5th February, deadline 30th November.

        Summer Edition, published 5th May, deadline 5th March.

        Autumn Edition, published 5th August, deadline 5th June.

        Winter Edition, published 5th November, deadline 5th September.


The following notes are intended to assist writers who wish to submit articles, letters, reviews, etc., for publication. The consistent approach achieved by writers using the Memory Lane House Style  will greatly assist the editor and proof-readers, and save time and costs at the printers. It will also increase the likelihood of your work being published!



Please type all words fully, eg orchestra, not orch; piano, not pno.


Try to avoid abbreviating words by using an apostrophe. For example “do not” and “It is” not “don’t” or “it’s”.

Block capitals and underlining

Please do not use underlining at all or block capitals for anything other than the main heading. 

Capital letters

Do not use for anything apart from proper names. For example, do not use for band unless part of an official name - Harry Roy and his Band, but Harry Roy’s band.


Please format all dates as in the following example: 4th January 1936. (Or 4th January 1936 if your typewriter does not have the superscript facility.)


Use either “the 1940s” or “the forties” in preference to “the ‘40s”. Please do not insert an apostrophe as in “ the 1930’s”.


If you have a choice, please use 12 point Times.


Please hyphenate when two words are used to make a single meaning, eg part-time or hand-written.


Please do not put full stops between abbreviations/acronyms and initials, for example Mr not Mr.; ie not i.e.; BBC not B.B.C; USA not U.S.A. Only use really well-known abbreviations. 


Always use italics for song, film, book, magazine or radio and TV programme titles, etc, never quotation marks or block capitals. Please do not use italics for anything else. 


Use single marks for speech quotations and double marks for quotations within quotations. Use for no other purpose.


Electronic submission

This is the preferred and normal method of presenting material for publication. Articles should be attached to e-mails sent to  the e-mail address shown above or to our mailing address shown on our home page on a CD or DVD  The articles must be written using Microsoft WORD.

Paper submission

It is regretted that, apart from Mini Display adverts,  hand-written material, unless extremely short, can no longer be accepted without prior arrangement. 

If type-written material is submitted, please follow the above-mentioned house style as far as possible and:

* Please ensure the ribbon does not need replacement and type neatly on A4 paper using one side only. 

* Leave a one inch margin top, bottom, left and right.

* Use one-and-a-half or double spacing.

* No hand-written corrections or changes.

Thank you for your co-operation in using these guidelines.

© Memory Lane 2016